ZVaS České Budějovice has been taking part in EU projects since 2006. Under the European Regional Development Fund system, ZVaS was responsible for implementing a number of projects between 2009 and 2014 as part of cross-border collaboration between the Czech Republic and Austria.

ZVaS has already taken part in the following projects:
The modern teacher is not afraid of multimedia technology (2009–2012) – Project to promote more in-depth work with multimedia technology by primary school teachers and its implementation in the learning process. Intercultural education for children and adults (2009–2012) – Project as part of cross-border cooperation between the Czech Republic and Austria for nursery/school teachers and children. We're improving our English – preparation for the PET examination (2010–2012) – Project aimed at English teachers in primary schools designed to improve the quality of language lessons. The specialist library: a district information centre (2009–2012) Intercultural education for (school)children and teachers (2012–2014) – Cross-border Czech-Austrian partnership project – for nursery and school teachers, children and primary school pupils. Information and communication technology is fun (2014–2015).